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The Porsche 911 turbo
Everthing about the type 930, the turbo of the first and second generation.

Porsche 930 Register

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VIN: WP0ZZZ93ZFS000356

Model year:1985
Production date:1985/02
Engine No.:67F00381 (M930/66)
Gearbox No.:77F00291 (G930/36)
Original color:9999 - slate metallic (special color)
  • M058: impact absorbers front and rear
  • M197: stronger battery
  • M261: passager side mirror: plain, eletrical adjustable, heatable
  • M383: sport seat left with electric height adjustment
  • M387: sport seat right with electric height adjustment
  • M462: Sekuriflex windshield
  • M498: elimination of the model designation
  • M650: electric sunroof
  • SOW021: GRP front spoiler with middle oil cooler
  • SOW050: sports suspension
  • SOW100: instrument panel and dash panel trim covered with leather
  • SOW101: cover the rosette for ignition lock with leather
  • SOW102: fresh air nozzles covered with leather
  • SOW103: instrument rings covered with leather
  • SOW104: control knobs (each) covered with leather
  • SOW106: hazard button covered with leather
  • SOW107: actuating handle for indicator and wiper switch covered with leather
  • SOW109: rosettes and rotary knobs for interior door panels covered with leather
  • SOW110: heating controls/regulations covered with leather
  • SOW114: cover the steering column shroud with leather
  • SOW125: conversion of the control switch for the heating regulation in the center console
  • SOW126: nstallation of an outside/inside thermometer in the center console
  • SOW127: installation: voltmeter in center console
  • SOW128: installation: clock in center console
  • SOW129: electronic boost pressure indicator with transmitter
  • SOW130: gear gaiter in leather
  • SOW134: handbrake lever covered with leather
  • SOW137: cover inner operating lever for door opener with leather
  • SOW138: sun visors left and right covered with leather
  • SOW139: cover seat belt buckles (without lock case) with leather
  • SOW149: installation of telephone system
  • SOW159: cover telephone handset mounted on heating console with leather
  • SOW160: mount of roof antenna for telephone system
  • SOW170: Gearshift shortening (911 Turbo)


mileage: 39540 km
called sales price: 189000 EUR