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The Porsche 911 turbo
Everthing about the type 930, the turbo of the first and second generation.

Restoration of a Porsche 911 Targa

In spring of 2007 was a Porsche 911 Targa restored by a german car tv show "Abenteuer Auto" (Adventure Car). Here you can see all 10 parts. So you have a overview, what it mean to restore a old car.

Porsche 911 targa (1970)
Model: Porsche Targa 911 T
Year: 1970 (US-Import)
Capacity: 2,2l / 134 cin
Power: 125 PS / 92 KW

Part 1

  • searching a basic for the restoration
  • tips for buying a oldtimer
  • stock-check
watch part 1

Part 2

  • expert report from the basic (actual state)
  • elemental breakdown
  • first work on the body
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Part 3

  • engine overhaul by Ruf (part 1)
  • work on the body front
  • overhaul of the chassis parts (powder coating)
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Part 4

  • last work on body an make ready for paint job
  • reassemble of the chassis parts incl. the breaks
  • engine and carburetor overhaul (part 2)
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Part 5

  • paint job
  • reassemble of the engine incl. test run
  • installation of the chassis parts and breaks
  • engine cover installation
  • installation of side windows / dorr locks
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Part 6

  • assembly of the gas tank
  • interior restoration (seats, dashboard)
  • transmission overhaul
  • installation of the light units
  • assembly of the garnish mouldings and bumpers
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Part 7

  • revision of the Fuchs rims
  • wedding: assembly of the engine and transmission
  • fabrication of the stainless steel exhaust
  • insert a new carpet
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Part 8

  • revision of the folding roof
  • installation of a front oil cooler
  • revision of the instruments incl. refitting from miles to kilometer
  • assembly of the revised interiors
  • assembly of windshield and rear window
  • assembly of the targa-frame
  • first start venture of the engine in install condition
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Part 9

  • cover the steering wheel with leather
  • assembly of the tires incl. balancing
  • modification of the folding roof
  • installation of a classic designed audio system
  • setting up the chassis
  • preservation of hollow spaces
  • test drive
  • expert report after the restoration
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Part 10

  • summary
  • assess after the restoration
  • TÜV*-admission for a historical license plate number
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* Association for Technical Inspection