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The Porsche 911 turbo
Everthing about the type 930, the turbo of the first and second generation.

Very rare Porsche 930S for sale

This is the last Porsche 911 turbo (930) which was delivered with the power enhanced engine by Porsche Exclusive.

The first onwer was the german Rallye-Driver Theodor Klinck. He starts his rallye sport by driving a Porsche 356 and was a winner of the "Rallye Monte Carlo". Now this Porsche is for sale by his second owner (for 14 years).

VIN: WP0ZZZ93ZJS000655
initial registration: 27.07.1988
power: 330 HP
light-weight packet: 1180 kg only
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4,6 s
kilometer reading: 143.000 km
price: 99.930 EUR
Porsche-930 01
Porsche-930 02
Porsche-930 03
Porsche-930 04
Porsche-930 05
Porsche-930 06
Porsche-930 07
Porsche-930 08
Porsche-930 09
Porsche-930 10
Porsche-930 11
Porsche-930 12
Porsche-930 13
Porsche-930 14
Porsche-930 15

For questions or more information, please contact the owner. He is speaking german, english and spanish.

phone/e-mail: SOLD

All information are from the owner. turbositions.com assume no responsibility for the accuracy of statement. The sale take place without participation of turbosition.com